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Hypercube Hyperchem provides a molecular modeling environment with 3D visualization and animation. The program offers quantum chemical calculations and molecular mechanics.

A detailed description of Hyperchem can be found on the Esri website:




The West Lafayette campus is covered under Purdue's purchase of HyperChem 7.1. Newer versions of the software is not available. Installation is approved for Purdue-owned systems only, and licensing is administered via a central campus license server. A persistent connection to Purdue’s internal network is required to use this software.

HyperChem is not available for installation on personally owned machines.

Current Distributed Version: 7.1



Purdue's purchase of unlimited network-based HyperChem 7.1 licenses does not extend to newer versions of the product. A connection to Purdue's campus network is required to check out HyperChem licenses during use. Standalone licenses are not available through this purchase. Pricing for single standalone licensing of newer versions of HyperChem can be found at:




ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution handles distribution of HyperChem 7.1 for IT groups and individuals (Faculty/Staff). For Purdue-owned machines administered by an IT organization such as ITaP, CLA-IT, or ECN, please contact your IT group for assistance prior to requesting the software.

To request HyperChem 7.1, please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu. Approved requesters will receive an archive file via ITaP’s Filelocker service that will contain the Hyperchem software installer and specific configuration instructions required for installation and connection to the license server.



ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution offers limited support of this product, covering issues with software installation and licensing. Please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu with details, including the exact text of any warnings received and the steps during installation where the issues arise.

For all other product support requests, please contact Hypercube directly at:



Contact Information

ITaP Licensing can be contacted at itap-licensing@purdue.edu Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  Response to inquiries will usually be one business day or less.