Wolfram Mathematica is an computational development application and platform that offers a large range of mathematical capabilities and algorithms, heavy number crunching, specialized technical functionality, and data acquisition, processing, analysis, and visualization.

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Mathematica is offered under a campus site license for the West Lafayette, Calumet, and North Central campuses.  Users are recharged through their department once a year to cover the agreement's cost.  The recharge fee varies due to the agreement renewal cost and number of users participating, but should run approximately $242.26 per user, per year.  This cost covers one license for a Purdue owned computer and one "Home Use" license for Faculty's personally owned computer.  Recharges will be billed to participant departmental accounts in June of each year for the previous fiscal year's use.

Current Available Version: 12


Purdue's agreement with Wolfram for Mathematica is initially centrally funded; however a vital portion is financed through recharge of costs to the end-users and their respective departments.  For teaching and non-commercial research use only.  Versions are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux to those participating in the recharge.  This software must be fully uninstalled from personally owned equipment when association with the University ends, status change results in ineligibility, or the department chooses not to participate in the yearly recharge.

Participants in Mathematica recharge should immediately notify when they discontinue use so that their installation can be removed from our recharge listing.  Any use during the fiscal year will result in recharge.  Proration of cost is not available.


ITaP Software Licensing approves requests for participation in Mathematica recharge by IT groups or departmentally-approved individuals.  To make your request, please send the acocunt number your department has provided for us to recharge, and then follow the instructions at:

Mathematica Registration Instructions

These instructions will walk you through creating an account of the Wolfram User Portal, downloading Mathematica, and making an Activation Request.

Once you have submitted your Activation Request and sent us the account number to charge, we will approve your activation and the Mathematica software will update from a 30-day trial activation to a yearlong activation.

If your Purdue-owned machine is administered by an IT organization such as ITaP, CLA-IT, or ECN, please contact your IT group for assistance before trying to download and install Mathematica on your machine.


ITaP Licensing offers limited support of this product, covering issues with software installation and licensing. Please send e-mail to with details, including the exact text of any warnings received and the steps during installation or use where the issue arises.

For all other product support requests, please contact Wolfram directly at

Contact Information

ITaP Licensing can be contacted at Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Response to inquiries will usually be one business day or less.