What is Hotseat?

Run what you brung

Hotseat provides all learners a place to quickly and easily participate in a productive backchannel discussion during class. Suddenly, everyone has a voice.

Abiding by the “run what you brung” model, Hotseat allows learners to post questions and comments using whatever technology they have available -- SMS texting, iOS and Android mobile apps, and desktop and mobile websites. This gives everyone a chance to actively engage in classroom activities.

What does Hotseat do?

post anonymously

Engaging Classroom Discussion

Give learners the opportunity to ask questions or voice their opinion in class. With the option to post "anonymously," Hotseat allows everyone to speak up, especially useful for large courses or sensitive topics.

post anonymously

Real-Time Polling

Take the temperature of the room and check if learners are “getting it” by taking a poll. Questions can be set up ahead of time or on the fly, and launching a poll makes it immediately visible on the mobile app or website.

Who Uses Hotseat?

Faculty Innovators

Dr. ChakavartyDr. Chakravarty is using Hotseat to engage learners in the classroom to empower them to speak up in large lectures.

Dr. DooleyDr. Frank Dooley is using Hotseat to encourage all learners to participate actively in class.

Dr. David BosDr. David Bos uses Hotseat both in and out of the classroom to help identify which concepts learners understand, as well as which topics require additional coverage or demonstrations in class.

Instructor Resources

One-on-one consultations are available for Purdue instructors who wish to learn more about Hotseat. Email us at tlt@purdue.edu to get started!

Online resources are also available. Check out the instructor getting started guide.