What is Mixable?

Run what you brung

Mixable is an easy-to-use online system that follows a social networking model already familiar to users. It allows users to easily hold conversations and share course resources.

What does Mixable do?

post anonymously

File Sharing

Users can upload and share documents and photos, and thanks to Mixable’s integration with Dropbox those files can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

privacy control

Privacy Control

Users have complete control over their privacy in Mixable. They may choose their level of visibility and interaction within a group and customize their notification settings. Private study groups or public interest groups may also be created.

no setup

No setup required!

Mixable ties in with course registrations and creates course groups automatically -- just log in, connect to a course, and start sharing.

Tied in to the BoilerCast lecture capture system, any recorded lectures will automatically be imported into the Mixable group without any extra effort.

Who Uses Mixable?

Faculty Innovators

Ellen GunlachEllen Gundlach uses Mixable in a statistics course to dig deeper into the topic and demonstrate the relevance of statistics to learners’ lives.

Dr. Jonathan DayDr. Jonathan Day uses Mixable to cover additional course material outside the classroom.

Dr. Gabriella WeaverDr. Gabriella Weaver is using Mixable for online course discussion in her "flipped" classroom.

Instructor Resources

One-on-one consultations are available for Purdue instructors who wish to learn more about Mixable. Email us at tlt@purdue.edu to get started!

Online resources are also available. Check out the instructor getting started guide.

Who's talking about mixable?

Media Resources

For more information, contact Jason Fish.