Need4Feed - Transforming Conferences with Twitter Analytics

Follow the pulse of a event without ever touching twitter

Need4Feed analyzes contextual twitter data to see the impact conversations are having within a specific conference or event. It expands the discussion beyond twitter and opens up the possibility for new insights that wouldn't have been possible before.

  • View all submitted photos
  • Volume charts for user activity
  • See which users are contributing most
  • Which tweets have been favorited most
  • Awards given to top contributors
  • and much more...

The most comprehensive twitter-based analytics tool

Although Need4Feed is a valuable supplement to those already using twitter, it contains conversational data that can be useful to anyone looking to keep up with a conference or event. The service scans all of the conversations taking place at a given time and contextually filters through the discussions, photos, links, and other user behaviors.

  • Starting with all conversations taking place on twitter
  • Gathering tweets related to a given conference or event
  • Applying Need4Feed's aggregated scoring models
  • Producing powerful user-based activity dashboards

Themed specifically for select conferences and events

Need4Feed has been selectively used at conferences and events which Purdue has taken part in. It requires no additional behavior change on the part of the attendees, it merely monitors the stream of conversation to create additional analytics.

a themed version created for the cop15 climate conference

COP15 Copenhagen Climate Conference
December 10-12, 2009

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