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Welcome to Telecommunications

The Telecommunications Team is responsible for the design, installation, testing, activation, configuration, and maintenance of the telephone systems and data networks on Purdue's West Lafayette Campus.

To find out more about our services or the people that make up our organization, click on the links below.


Installation, Moves and software changes for 15,000+ analog, digital and VoIP lines on campus, with voicemail boxes, auxiliary voice equipment, and training. New for 2015-2016: A "Common Good" Telecom Infrastructure Bundle for departments across campus.


The Data Team is comprised of network engineers who are responsible for the provisioning of data network services for the West Lafayette campus.  This includes support for both the campus wired and wireless infrastructures as well as the connectivity between campus and the general Internet.

Authorized clients may submit requests for data network services for campus data PICs by clicking the link below:

Telecom Infrastructure

We provide engineering support for all construction projects that involve telecommunications.  We are not only concerned about the telecommunications aspect of the construction projects but every discipline that relates to our infrastructure (Architectural layout and locations of telecom rooms, Civil for underground pathways, HVAC for cooling and Electrical for power). 

Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Firms may obtain important guidelines and details regarding telecommunications installations by visiting our page.

About ITIS

ITIS (Information Technology Infrastructure Services) is one of the largest departments within ITaP. It provides much of the behind-the-scenes work that ensures the campus voice and data networks are up and running reliably. The Telecommunications Team is a subset of ITIS.

Further information about ITIS and its involvement in construction projects on the West Lafayette campus of Purdue University can be found here