Division 27 Specificiations

The Division 27 Specifications are crafted to guide designers and engineers through the performance and installation expecations of Purdue's Telecommunications Infrastructure. Please contact Daniel Pierce, Telecommunications Design Engineer, at 765-496-6562 or danielpierce@purdue.edu for specifications or with any questions. 


27.0000 COM Communications Definitions 

27.0500 COM Communications 

27.0526 COM Grounding and Bonding 

27.0528 COM Pathways 

27.0543 COM Underground Ducts and Raceways 

27.0553 COM Identification

27.1101 COM Telecommunication Room Finishes

27.1106 COM Cabinets and Frames

27.1119 COM Termination Blocks and Patch Panels 

27.1313 COM Copper Backbone Cabling

27.1313.1 COM Copper Cable Splicing and Terminations 

27.1323 COM Optical Fiber Backbone Cabling

27.1333 COM Coaxial Backbone Cabling 

27.1413 COM Copper Riser Cabling

27.1423 COM Fiber Riser Cabling

27.1433 COM Coaxial Riser Cabling

27.1513 COM Copper Horizontal Cabling

27.1523 COM Fiber Horizontal Cabling

27.1533 COM Coaxial Horizontal Cabling

27.1543 COM Faceplates and Connectors

27.2133 COM Wireless Access Points