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2013-2014 Monthly Telephone Rates For Faculty / Staff Services

Click here for Long distance domestic and international rates.

Telephone Line Service Rates
Single Line Desk/Wall $22.60
Single Line (Extension DN) $22.60
SLS-CALLER ID SL CallerId Phone $25.40
M2616 Multi Line $30.00
M2616 Multi Line Add On $  3.55
ACD Supervisor (M2616) $54.18
ACD Agent (M2616) $32.93
M3904 Multi Line $30.00
M322 DBE Multi Line Add On Display Based $  3.55
M322 KBE Multi Line Add On Key Based $  3.55
M5316 Multi Line $32.96
M5316 Multi Line Add On $  5.92
Modem or Fax Line $22.60
ISDN (per line) $46.78
Data Service Monthly
Cellular Phones Rates
Cell Phone Plans click here for T-Mobile plans, equipment
click here for Verizon plans, equipment, FAQ’S
click here for Cingular plans, equipment, FAQ’S
click here for Nextel plans, equipment, FAQ’S
click here for Temporary and Global plans, equipment, FAQ's
Auxiliary Equipment/Services Rates
Voice Mail $  4.50
Voice Mail Tree Applications Call 44719
Headset $  3.63
Headset-Cordless $10.00
Pager Numeric Only (Statewide) $5.25
Pager Alpha/Numeric (Statewide) $8.50
Pager Numeric (Nationwide) $20.75
Pager Alpha/Numeric (Nationwide) $30.25
Conference Phone $15/3days
Toll Free 800 Number - Domestic
    Departmental Toll Free # $0.055 per minute
    Meet Me Conference Toll Free # $0.055 per minute
    MeetingOne "Instant Meeting" Toll Free # $0.07 per minute
    MeetingOne "Adobe" Toll Free # $0.07 per minute
Software Features Rate
Caller ID Block $2.00
ADA Equipment Rate
W-10 Volume Amplifier No Cost

2013-2014 Non-Recurring Charges

Installation Charges Rates
Install or Relocate Single Line Telephone $45.00
Install or Relocate Multi-Line Telephone $90.00
Install Add-on (if added later) $45.00
Install ACD Agent/Supervisor $180.00
Install or Relocate fax or modem line $45.00
Install or Relocate ISDN Line or Circuit $90.00
(cords, headsets, Caller I.D. Boxes, etc.)
Install/Change (cellular, pager, voice mail) $10.00
Disconnect on any line $22.50
Software Changes on Single Line or Multil line phone $10.00
Key Changes on Multi-Line phone
(other than key one)
Key #1 Change on Multi Line $90.00
Voice Mail - add $10.00

NOTE: Additional Equipment pricing available from the
Telephone Office at 4-4719.