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Professor embraces technology, discards tried and true, but ‘boring,’ lectures
Professor Robert Herrick moved lectures online, replaced his printed textbook with a digital text and uses web-based LON-CAPA to provide his students with resource-rich homework assignments – resulting in a more engaging and effective class.

Revealing the secrets of Zika virus only latest breakthrough enabled by Purdue’s community clusters
When the Zika virus became a global health crisis in early 2016, Purdue researchers were well prepared to make a breakthrough discovery in efforts to fight the virus. They had impressive virus expertise and plenty of high-performance computing power — thanks to the Community Cluster Program, an ambitious supercomputer building program Purdue began in 2008.

IMPACT puts course focus on learning outcomes without sacrificing innovation
With the help of Purdue’s IMPACT program, Professor Jennifer Bay was able to bring measurable learning outcomes to one Purdue’s largest courses, allowing her instructors room to innovate while making the point that their students need to know how to write, no matter what field they’re studying.

Physicists, ITaP partner to make science of data deluge from more powerful Large Hadron Collider
As an upgraded Large Hadron Collider, the giant particle accelerator at the center of an international exploration of new physics, gets back to expanding our view of how the universe works, Purdue researchers with help from ITaP are assisting in turning the flood of data from the machine into science.

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