SACM Service Asset and Configuration Management

Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM) seeks to provide a logical model of configuration items needed to deliver IT Services that enables all other service management processes to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM) Goals:

  • Define the components of IT Services that will be considered configuration items (CIs)
  • Correlate IT Services to the IT components needed to deliver them
  • Bring identified IT Services and component CIs under configuration management control in order to create a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that is the authoritative source of accurate and reliable configuration records
  • Utilize the information within the CMDB to improve other service and project management activities

Key Features and Benefits:

Benefits to the ITaP Service Providers 

  • Managed relevant IT assets through their lifecycle
  • Improved incident and problem solving by facilitating impact and trend analysis

  • Expedited and increased accuracy of change implementation
  • Improved security by controlling versions of CIs in use

  • Improved adherence to contractual and legal obligations (e.g.: Audits, maintenance contracts, licenses, regulatory compliance)

Benefits to the Customers

  • ITaP activity aligned to real-time University priorities
  • Optimized performance of IT Assets and Configurations improves the overall IT Service performance
  • Reduces the costs and risks caused by poorly managed IT assets


Training materials:

Accessible on Blackboard Learn via the link below (Requires Login): 

SACM Management Videos

Process Documents:

SACM Process Document

SACM Process Management Plan

SACM Process Quick Reference Card

SACM Process Poster (coming soon)

Process Metrics:

Service Asset and Configuration Management Metrics (coming soon)

SACM Process Owner
  • Mark Sonstein - ITIS
SACM Process Manager
  • Kevin Morgan - ITPM
SACM CI Owners
  • TBD