Incident Management Process

A diagram of the incident management process. Process Map of the Incident Management Process

The purpose of Incident Management (IM) is to restore normal service as quickly as possible, to minimize the adverse impact on university operations, and to ensure the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.  IM is the process responsible for managing the lifecycle of all incidents irrespective of their origination.

Incident Management Goals:

  • ENSURE that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management and reporting of incidents.
  • INCREASE VISIBILITY and communication of incidents to University and IT support staff.
  • ENHANCE UNIVERSITY PERCEPTION of IT through use of a professional approach in quickly resolving and communicating incidents when they occur.
  • ALIGN ACTIVITIES AND PRIORITIES with those of the University.
  • MAINTAIN USER SATISFACTION with the quality of IT services.

Key Features and Benefits:

Benefits to the ITaP Service Providers 

  • Improved ability to identify potential improvements to ITaP services
  • Better use of resources, reduction in unplanned labor and associated costs
  • More control over ITaP services
  • Better alignment between departments
  • More empowered ITaP staff
  • Better control over vendors through IM metrics

Benefits to the Customers

  • Higher service availability due to reduced service downtime
  • Reduction in unplanned labor and associated costs
  • ITaP activity aligned to real-time University priorities
  • Identification of potential improvements to services
  • Identification of additional service or training requirements for the University or ITaP


Training materials

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Incident Management Videos

Process Documents:

Incident Management Process Document

Incident Management Process Quick Reference Card

Incident Management Process Poster

Process Metrics: 

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Incident Management Program Metrics

2017 Year End KPI measurements by Organization Unit

Incident Process Owner
  • Julie Kercher-Updike - ITPM
Incident Process Manager
  • Dan Rhine - ITPM
Incident Managers
  • Curt Jansen - ITSP
  • Rob Stanfield - ITSP
  • Larry Mitchell - ITPM
  • Larry French - ITPM
  • Robin Jones - ITAS
  • Chris Frazee - ITAS
  • Cheri Rawles - BICC/OIREA
  • Brad Peart - ITIS
  • Lev Gorenstien - ITAC
  • Joe Conte - ITAC