Problem Management Process

The purpose of Problem Management (PM) is to manage the lifecycle of all problems from first identification through further investigation, documentation and eventual removal. Problem Management seeks to minimize the adverse impact of incidents and problems that are caused by underlying errors within the IT infrastructure, and to proactively prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors.

To achieve this purpose, ITaP aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • Prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening
  • Eliminate recurring incidents
  • Minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented

Key Features and Benefits:

Benefits to the ITaP Service Providers 

  • Provides information for better first-time fix at the Customer Support Center
  • Reduced expenditures on workarounds or fixes that do not work
  • Reduction in cost of effort for firefighting or resolving repeat incidents
  • Better alignment between ITaP organizational units
  • Improved work environment for ITaP staff
  • Increased sense of empowerment among ITaP staff
  • Better prioritization of efforts
  • Better use of resources
  • More control over IT services

Benefits to the Customers

  • Reduction in the number and impact of incidents, problems and known errors due to the implementation of permanent solutions
  • Problem Management works together with Incident Management and Change Management to ensure that IT service availability and quality is improved
  • Less downtime and less disruption to critical systems
  • Improved user productivity
  • ITaP’s added value will be more clearly demonstrated to customers


Training materials:

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Problem Management Videos

Process Documents:

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Problem Management Process Document

Problem Management Process Quick Reference Card

Problem Management Process Poster 

Problem Process Owner
  • TBD
Problem Process Manager
  • Kevin Morgan - End User Experience
Problem Managers/Analysts by Department
  • Business Solutions & Project Management
    • Problem Managers
      • Haberzetle, Mick
    • Problem Analysts
      • Budzik, Mike
      • Faulkner, Joe
      • Mizerik, Ambe
      • Sowers, Shawn
  • End User Experience
    • Problem Managers
      • Berndt, Brian
      • Lange, Tim
      • Morgan, Kevin
    • Problem Analysts
      • Jones, Bill
  • Information Security and Policy
    • Problem Managers
      • Smith, Jeff
  • Infrastructure Services
    • Problem Managers
      • Carlson, Casey
      • Smith, John
      • Thomas, Andy
  • Student Solutions & Enterprise Relationship
    • Problem Managers
      • Hawkins, Diane
      • Wilson, Pat
    • Problem Analysts
      • Allrich, Nancy
      • Carter, Sandy
      • Prior, Amy
      • Rantz, Judy
  • Research Computing
    • Problem Managers
      • Adams, Eric
      • Colby, Kevin